Student Information

The 31st annual College Connection is coming! College Connection is your chance to meet with over 140 colleges and universities from across the nation, all in one place! Ask questions, collect literature, talk to admissions officers, and get the scoop on everything from course offerings to financial aid and life on campus. College Connection is a vast resource of information to help you decide which school is the best fit for you.  And it’s all free for you!

Click here to see a list of the colleges and universities who have registered so far this year. As the event approaches, we will post a continuously updated list of schools attending.


In addition to colleges and universities, representatives from financial and educational services will also be on hand. Have questions about student loans? Looking for an ACT prep class? College Connection is your best resource.

To get the most from your time at College Connection, follow these tips:
  • Visit and register to receive a barcode that college representatives can scan. This barcode provides universities with your contact information so you don’t have to fill out a contact card at each booth.
  • Consider what you want from a college. What majors are you interested in? What size school do you feel comfortable in? What extracurricular activities do you want to participate in? has a College Search link to help find colleges that best suit your interests.
  • Write down questions. Bring a pen and small notebook and your list of questions with you to College Connection.
  • First focus your time at College Connection on the schools you are already interested in. But then, take the time to browse through some of the booths you didn’t get to—you might stumble on a great college you hadn’t considered!
  • Jot down a few notes after you visit each booth. You’re going to come home with a bag full of information, and your notes will help you keep track of which colleges you were most interested in.
After College Connection, be sure that you
  • Look through your materials and notes within the week to weed out colleges that aren’t a good fit.
  • Research colleges that interest you by exploring their websites.
  • Contact school admissions with questions and to plan campus visits.
  • Consult your counseling office to ask about college representatives scheduled to visit your high school.

We wish you all the best in your college pursuits! See you in September!

College Connection is a not-for-profit effort of the Edison Preparatory School PTSA. Our mission is to enable Northeastern Oklahoma’s youth and their parents to make the best possible choice for their individual needs in seeking affordable, high-quality post-secondary educational opportunities. 

"The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth."
John F. Kennedy