Questions to Ask at College Connection

You don’t have much time at College Connection, so you want to make the most of it. You can easily find out a lot of basic information about a college, such as what majors they offer, from spending a little time on their website. So think instead of questions you can’t easily find the answers to online. Some ideas include

  • I’m interested in _______ (fill in the academic blank). Could you describe your school’s program for students in this major?
  • What are you looking for in an applicant?
  • How do you award scholarships and financial aid?
  • What is the atmosphere of the campus and the community?
  • What extracurricular options are available?
  • What safety features does your campus offer?
  • What kind of career placement helps do you offer?

Also be sure to visit and register to receive a barcode that college representatives can scan. This barcode provides universities with your contact information so you don’t have to fill out a contact card at each booth.